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Distributed Video

Do you know what a Distributed video system is? A Distributed video system is a single video source such as a Blu-ray player or a satellite receiver, to be shared among numerous TVs, which are connected to the video-switch. How many television systems do you have in your home? Three? Then, you are eligible to have a form of distributed video in your house. A Distributed video is an uncommon concept in the home technology industry because of the complicated nature required for the system to perform efficiently.  You must be aware about the concept of a distributed audio – a centralized point of music, which can be played or distributed to numerous points at home. The concept of a distributed video is quite similar to a distributed audio.

Now, how it actually works, there must be a central location in your house occupied with the majority of the components your home requires. So, to catch and control each video signal, an advanced distributed video system would be placed at the central location, that means whenever a video signal will be sent by any video source such as cable boxes, DVD player etc. it would be easily and quickly directed to any video display like projectors, TVs etc. with just a simple command.

Like, if you are watching a movie on your Home Theater and started feeling tired, then you may just quickly shift to the bedroom and continue your movie in your bedroom TV. The majority of the video distribution systems operate well when they are combined with Home automation systems.

With the help of highly advanced video distribution and control combinations, you will be able to see what exactly is telecasting on each video source. Also with the help of these control combinations you can effortlessly adjust everything.

Distributed video system has an amazing advantage of having the capability to hide all the gear of your TVs. Nowadays, nobody wishes to spend 1000s of dollars on lavish LED or Plasma TV to hang up on the wall and have a tangle of wires spreading down the wall and in the cabinet. Video distributed system hides all the equipment in the storage or in the basement.

Using a video distribution system you may pause, turn on or off, switch your location and continue watching the show, movie etc. from anywhere in your house. You know, just by pressing a single button, you can shift to any other video source. With a video distributed system, you and all other family members can vide and record their preferred programs on their cable DVRs from any corner of your house without fighting over who will get to watch. You will be able to enjoy your own personal Satellite DVR or Cable from any of the television system in your house.

If you want to take benefit of all of these advantages of video distribution system then you need to buy an advanced and efficient distributed video system, which you can get only from a trusted system provider like QRS Automation. QRS Automation offers the excellent systems and amazing service. They synchronize every television to the system in your house; there won’t be any wire or bulky equipment visible, you won’t have to configure anything again and again, and they also provide 24/7 services.