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Network Administration

Network administration includes a wide range of operational tasks, which support to work efficiently and smoothly. Without a network administration, it is very difficult to manage network operations, especially the smallest networks. The major tasks, which come under network administration, are installation, design and evaluation of the network, implementation and administration of the regular backups, making of precise technical documentation like network cabling, network diagrams, documents etc.; managing network security, intrusion detection, provision for specific authentication to access network resources, troubleshooting assistance etc.

If you wish to keep systems running smoothly and efficiently then you definitely need network administration. There are some more reasons being mentioned below, which clearly proves the necessity of having network administration.

Backup storage and administration – It is extremely essential for all the networks to be correctly backed up; however, the back-up procedure can be compressed for off server and off site so that unnecessary data does not slow down the regular operation of network systems.

OS updates – Updates, which are frequently loaded and then installed, take more space in hard drives than the new updated version of your operating system. It is suggested for operating systems to be frequently checked and renewed so that waste from the previous updates will safely cleared to free up some space.

Anti-virus updates – Due to a few obvious reasons, anti-virus need to be updated; however, the continuous updating uses an excessive space on hard drives. Removing anti-virus software and installing the updated version can clear some space in hard drives.

Old archive data – There are many organizations, which often keep non-relevant or finished product’s data for many more years. Usually, they think that one day they will need this data and therefore, they store it, however, even if they don’t want to destroy it still they can compress it and keep it in a separate offline storage facility, which doesn’t affect to the regular running of the network.

Email boxes – There are a lot of network systems, which give a means of spreading mail to individual mailboxes. In an organization the mailboxes are often forgotten and slowly fill up the important space on servers.

Neglected software – It is very common to have disused or neglected software in our system. This disused software slow downs the system by running background operation; therefore, this software should be removed on a priority.

Time saving – Whether you have sophisticated systems or not, many times we by mistakenly misfile and misname the documents. If an item has been archived then it becomes almost impossible to get back that hidden file. Therefore, before files are archived, the files should be verified for relevance. An archive can store millions of documents and if any file will be misfiled then it takes a lot of time to recover it.

For an organization, storing and securing the data is the biggest task and while concentrating on continuously being checked with their business, they can’t manage it on their own. Due to that hiring a network administration service is the only and ideal option. Hence, after understanding this need of an organization, QRS Automation has come up with their excellent network administration service. QRS Automation handles your network administration so that you can fully concentrate on your business. With QRS Automation on board, you need not to worry about backups, security, virus control, storage space, and pc configuration and handling other issues. They will look after each and every network issue. They use the latest technologies to maintain the existing network and to create a new WAN or LAN. Also, they offer technical expertise to set up an IP/TCP network, necessary cabling and coax, Ethernet or telephone lines. We believe in giving satisfactory service to clients, therefore, after hiring QRS Automation’s service, you can rest assured about your company’s network administration.